Eduardo Kac

Porn Art Movement, Escracho

Eduardo Kac, Escracho, Alternate Projects, Porn Art Movement
Eduardo Kac 
Porn Art Movement
soft cover, offset printed, stapled, 16 pp
12 1/2h x 8 1/2w in
edition of 1,000


Escracho was conceived, designed, and produced by Eduardo Kac in 1983 in Rio de Janeiro. It includes contributions from artists and writers from several countries in a variety of forms (visual poetry, essay, cartoon, collage, graphic narrative, photography, rubber stamp, typewriting drawing, and photocopy).

The Movimento de Arte Pornô (Porn Art Movement), also known as Poesia Pornô (Pornpoetry) or Pornismo (Pornism), was conceived in January 1980 in Rio de Janeiro by Eduardo Kac. PAM was a movement of artists and poets. The official performative arm of the movement, which they called Gang (The Gang) included Kac, Cairo Trindade and Teresa Jardim. Braulio Tavares, Ana Miranda, Cynthia Dorneles and Sandra Terra also performed with The Gang. The movement happened under a military dictatorship and pioneered the use of pornography both as a form of political resistance and as an innovative art medium. It was formally experimental, politically progressive and socially non-normative. The word ‘porn’ was used deliberately but the movement did not produce conventional pornography. The movement ended in 1982.   

Eduardo Kac created the name and phrase and instigated PAM as a movement. Kac also organzied the group's collective efforts forming a creative front for specific purposes. He was called “Bufão do Escracho.” His persona had a penis nose and wore a skirt.

The front cover of Escracho by Kac is Pornogram #3, the back cover is a visual poem by Kac and the poster inside by Kac is Pornogram #2. .

In Portuguese, the word "escracho" denotes an attitude of direct (off color) humor; a disrespect of "proper manners"; a blatant way of calling things as they are; a sense of hilarity and derision. It is direct and unapologetic. It is an attitude having to do with a lack of respect for hierarchies.


Escracho Institutional collections include: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art, New York, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid, Museum of Contemporary Art, Barcelona, Joan Flasch Artist's Book Collection, The School of the Art Institute, Chicago, Harvard University, Houghton Library, Department of Printing & Graphic Arts, Cambridge, MA.


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