Bernhard Johannes Blume

Fotoarbeiten 1970-1984

Bernhard Johannes Blume, Fotoarbeiten


Fotoarbeiten 1970-1984 is signed and dated (1972/1989) on title page
Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, Köln 

From an interview with BJ  Blume by GB Kirkpatrick, “Documentary photography is fraud. ‘Objective photography’ is self-defeat ... The camera is a weapon for the optical liquidation of the otherness of the others ... Yes, surely I am involved in it. I also go as a photographer about dead bodies. In contrast to the illusionary-objectivist photograph, however, it is my own corpse.”

Bernhard Johannes Blume was a German artist who often worked alongside his wife, artist Anna Bernhard. Blume is most known for his large-scale, staged photographs in which both artists appear alongside everyday objects. Both Anna and Berhnard were highly influenced by Joseph Beuys.

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