Andy Warhol

merican Indian (Black), SIGNED

Andy Warhol  American Indian (Black) SIGNED, Alternate Projects


This poster was published in conjunction with Warhol’s Ace Gallery exhibition featuring works from his 1976-1977 American Indian series. ACE Gallery published 3 color variations of this poster- .black, red, and blue backgrounds. Warhol's American Indian series was shown at three consecutive exhibitions: Flow Ace Gallery, Paris, France in October of 1976, Ace Gallery, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in November of 1976, and Ace Gallery Los Angeles, CA in March of 1977. The posters were available for purchase from Ace Gallery and Warhol conducted poster signings at all three exhibitions.

The image on this poster is of a Warhol painting of Native American civil rights activist Russell Means. Warhol painted a total of 18 portraits of Means in yet another attempt to glamorize those marginalized by society.

$ 4,000