Be My Valentine

February 1 – 14, 2018

Mike Kelley, Little Friend
Eduardo Kac,  50, Alternate Projects
Jenny Holzer, Artists’ Bookplates

Press Release

Alternate Projects presents the online exhibition Be My Valentine featuring iconic selections for you and yours. Pieces include Mike Kelley’s fury and quite chatty Little Friend who says things like “Hurt Me, I Don’t Mind!” and “Do You Really Love Me?” and Damien Hirst’s cast resin pharmaceuticals, the highlight being Pfizer Vgr 100mg (Baby Pink) perfect for the holiday of love. How fitting that for Hirst: “Pills are a brilliant little form, better than any minimalist art. They’re all designed to make you buy them… they come out of flowers, plants, things from the ground, and they make you feel good, you know, to just have a pill, to feel beauty.” AND they are offered at a special Be My Valentine price of $4,995 USD each!!!! So close to John Water’s heart are The Girls- Tina, Kim, and Kathy. It’s all love with those sparkling eyes and dramatic personalities whose images are each captured on a porcelain “souvenir” plate suitable for hanging. Diamonds are the symbol of love and Ben Vautier offers a box with a diamond in it, one of 3 wearable “jewels” in Malle A Bijoux Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton Jewelry Box). Also wearable are 3 Gilbert and George buttons from their Shitty Naked Human World Series. With images of male nudes also come those of the female in Carroll Dunham’s highly expressive soft cover book Thought Process. And in Fault Lines, one gets not only a book of censored material from Brion Gysin’s The Last Museum but accompanying illustrations by Keith Haring- it’s all about love. Who doesn’t enjoy a good card game on this most romantic of holidays? Try Catherine Opie’s Dyke Deck with an instruction sheet outlining “Poke-Her Etiquette,” ”Poke-Her-Games” and ”Poke-Her-Card Ranking.”  The words in Eduarod Kac’s poem 50 find expression as they are outlined in the EKG lines moving across the film and Terrence Koh’s layered Such Things I do to make Myself More Attractive to You speaks both of love and love lost. Finally, let’s be real, per a Jenny Holzer Truism, “Expiring for love is beautiful but stupid.”