Mike Kelley

Little Friend

Mike Kelley, Little Friend

Mike Kelley (1954–2012)
Little Friend
plush toy with plastic eyes, felt hands and feet; paper, sound box, cardboard box
16h x 11w x 5d in
unnumbered edition of 800


includes “Important Care & Feeding info for your new Little Friend“ sheet  
Little Friend speaks 20 different phrases, including “Hurt Me, I Don’t Mind!” and “Do You Really Love Me?“ in random order when squeezed
produced in Hong Kong by PAM & Medicom
requires 3 AAA batteries 

in mint condition in original box 

Mike Kelley’s Little Friend “is the specter of your childhood, when you stood at puberty’s door.”

Called one of the most significant artists of his generation, Stamps graduate Mike Kelley was an iconoclast who introduced a distinctive  Detroit sensibility to the international art world with his references to everything from Soupy Sales to the Vernor’s gnome. Drawing upon such diverse sources as philosophy, politics, history, underground music, decorative arts and the working class for his artistic expression, Kelley's work often examined class and gencer issues as will as issues of normality, criminality and perversion. He was a founding member of the noise band Destroy All Monsters, a collective formed in Ann Arbor in 1974 with artists Jim Shaw, Niagara and Cary Loren.

$ 1,600