The Gutai Group

Opening Exhibition

The Gutai Group, Martha Jackson Gallery, Alternate Projects

The Gutai Group, 1958
Martha Jackson Gallery, NYC

Color poster. Four fold as issued.
14h x 9 3/4w in


Founded in 1954 by the painter Jiro Yoshihara in Osaka, Japan, the Gutai group was Japan's first radical, post-war artistic group. The group evolved out of a response to the reactionary artistic context of the time. They gained international notoriety for the creation of new experimental art forms revolving around performance, painting, and interactive environments. These iconic large-scale multimedia environments, performances and theatrical events emphasized a highly unique relationship between body and matter. 

Martha Jackson was a pioneering presence during the post–World War II art scene in New York City. The gallerist supported art that was both unfamiliar and challenging, and was committed to her artists and to educating the public about their work. Jackson was a leader in the development of international modern art in America and was one of the first to show significant women artists. She succeeded in her own words, as “an art dealer whose primary role was that of a mediator between the artist and society.”