Mel Bochner

12” Measurement

Mel Bochner, 12” Measurement
Mel Bochner (1940-)
12” Measurement
5h x 12w in


This series focuses on the literal relationship between text and meaning. 12” Measurement is just as its title states: a print measuring twelve inches wide, with an image of the number 12 followed by the symbol for inches, positioned squarely between two arrows extending in opposite horizontal directions. 

“The first measurement “piece” I did was because I was unable to put anything on the paper. Nothing at that moment seemed meaningful enough to note. I had two sheets of paper on the wall which I was just looking at. Suddenly I saw the space between them. I saw that it was as much the subject as the paper. I measured the distance and drew it on the wall. . . . When I took down the sheets of paper I had the measurement alone. It puzzled me. It still puzzles me. What does it mean to have 25 inches drawn on the wall?”____Mel Bochner

signed, dated, titled and numbered by the artist en verso