Maurizio Cattelan

Wrong Gallery with exhibitions by Adam McEwen, Elizabeth Peyton

Maurizio Cattelan, Wrong Gallery, Alternate Projects
Elizagbeth Peyton, 593 Napoleon After His Bath (The Wrong Gallery), Alternate Projects
Adam McEwan, Untitled (Sorry) and Untitled (Closed), Wrong Gallery, Alternate Projects


with Ali Subotnick and Massimiliano Gioni 
published by Cerealart, Philadelphia  
numbered on underside, with artist’s copyright stamp 

boxes show some wear on edges and Wrong Gallery box has some punctures 

Wrong Gallery is a 1:6 scale reproduction of the original Wrong Gallery, which was the smallest exhibition space in New York at the time when it opened in 2002, measuring at just two-and-a-half square feet of space. In 2005 the Wrong Gallery reopened at The Tate Modern where it has 1 square meter of exhibition space. Having organized over 30 exhibitions, the Wrong dealers say, ‘The Wrong Gallery is the back door to contemporary art, and it’s always locked.’