Joseph Beuys

Holzpostkarte / Wooden Postcard

Joseph Beuys, Holzpostkarte/ wooden postcard, Alternate Projects

Joseph Beuys 
Holzpostkarte/ Wooden Postcard, 1ST EDITION, 1974
pinewood with black type
3 3/4h x 6w x 1 1/4d in
unlimited edition


Considered a UNIQUE piece since the wood grain varies with every separate copy.

Officially from an unlimited edition but has long been sold out; (NOTE: when it gives a zip code of "69117" means it was published around 2000 or from 1985, when it gives address of "69 heidelberg 1" means this 1st edtion of 1974)
REFERENCE BOOK: Joseph Beuys. Multiples by Verlag Schellmann & Kluser in 1980. First Edition are: Item # 99. states Wood Postcard 1974; unlimited (120 examples signed) Edition Staeck, Heidelberg.