Jeff Koons

Cracked Egg (Red)

Jeff Koons, Cracked Egg (Red)
Jeff Koons (1955-)
Cracked Egg (Red)
aluminum with high gloss red finish hosed as issued in its original black box with invitation and red ribbon
4h x 3 1/4w x 3 1/4d in
unnumbered, edition of 1,000


Miniature scale models of Koons’ monumental Cracked Egg (Red) sculpture (1994-2006) were produced and presented as the exclusive gala invitation for the opening of the Broad Contemporary Art Museum (BCAM) at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). Koons’ monumental Cracked Egg (Red), appropriately part of his Celebration series, showed in the Broad Contemporary Art Museum’s inaugural exhibition.

“Koons’s quintessential Cracked Egg (Blue) (1995–99) from the Celebration series, proves beyond any doubt — as if any more proof were needed — that the ‘inside’ is not only hollow (viscera-free, flawlessly sterile to an extreme), but, in this case, also shiny, making it absolutely what it is: an ironic or paradoxical icon (of reproduction, par excellence) embodying the creative (or ontological) void as an Absolute, and this through the absolution of kitsch.” _____Richard Milazzo, Jeff Koons: Shiny on the Outside, Hollow on the Inside, Part 1, January 31, 2015

in good used condition, some surface scratches