Eduardo Kac

TC 20

Eduardo Kac, TC 20, Alternate Projects

Eduardo Kac (1962-)
TC20, 2017
pigment print
8 1/2h x 11w in


Time Capsule is a work-experience that lies somewhere between a local event-installation, a site-specific work in which the site itself is both Eduardo Kac’s body and a remote database, a simulcast on TV and the Web, and interactive webscanning of [Kac’s] body. The live component of the piece was realised on November 11, 1997, in the context of the exhibition “Arte Suporte Computador”, at the cultural centre Casa da Rosas, in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The object that gives Time Capsule its title is a microchip that contains a programmed identification number. As with other underground time capsules, this digital time capsule is permanently implanted under Kac’s skin as it projects itself into the future.

On 14 Nov 2017, October Gallery in London presented a by-invitation-only performance in honor of the 20th anniversary of Time Capsule.  Attending guests at this intimate event were each given a personal reading of the chip. TC20 was created exclusively for this event and an edition from this print was presented as a gift to each of the attending guests. TC20’s image is based upon a picture taken of Kac with the chip in 1997.   

$ 500