Daniel Spoerri


Alternate Projects, Daniel Spoerri, Kraft

Daniel Spoerri
Kraft, 1979/1980
lithograph and suspended flask
19.25h x 12w in


Artist Daniel Spoerri and historian Marie-Louise von Plessen developed the principle of the Musée Sentimental in the late 1970s. In 1979, they presented the exhibition, the Musée Sentimental de Cologne. Objects in this exhibition ranged from cathedral relics to a soccer ball used by the 1st FC Cologne team in a championship game. This presentation of Art and ordinary objects on an equal level, opened new associations with viewers and permanently altered the perception of objects in museums. The crux of this show centered around the concept of the “sentimental” object—items charged with and enriched by emotion.

signed, titled, dated and numbered "certificate" with edition # different from the front- 28/69

$ 800