Clemente Padín

OVUM, vol. 2, no. 1

Clemente Padín, OVUM, vol. 2, no. 1
Clemente Padín (1939-)
OVUM, vol. 2, no. 1
14 pp of different sizes, soft cover, stapled
30h x 21w in
unnumbered, edition of 500


brown cardstock cover with various shades of white and brown colored pages with red cardstock back, some paper cut and pasted to a page and various sizes on the pages 
contributors included: R. Kostelanez, G. Deisler, U. Timm, K. Groh

binding showing some tears and wear, slight bent corners on some pages and yellowing but overall in good vintage condition

Clemente Padín, artist, poet and Uruguayan performer was one of the main promoters of various editorial initiatives that built networks with artists and visual poets from Latin America, the United States, and Central and Eastern Europe, at a time of harsh political repression. From the edition of magazines like Huevos del Plata (1965-1969), OVUM 10 (1969-1972) and OVUM 2nd period (1972-1975) and the organization of successive expositions dedicated to the practices of visual and experimental poetry (1969-1972) and of mail art (1974), Padin connected with artists from other countries engaged in similar projects and disseminated the new poetic manifestations, proposing an “unobjectionable art” (without objects) articulated as a transforming action of reality.