Davi Det Hompson (AKA David E. Thompson) was, a book artist and a member of the Fluxus art movement. He was born in Sharon, PA  and raised in Warren, OH. He graduated from Anderson College in Anderson, Ind., and received a master's degree from Indiana University at Bloomington in 1967. In graduate school, he gravitated toward Fluxus, an association of artists influenced by Dada, Marcel Duchamp and others, and -- inspired by its playful, language-oriented spirit -- Thompson redistributed the letters of his name.

Hompson worked in performance, video, installation and painting, but he was best known for his book art, which combined images and typographical invention with writing that bordered on poetry and often carried political overtones.

He had more than 30 solo shows, including an exhibition at the Alexandre Iolas Gallery in Manhattan in 1972.